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U made Mees Cry…..
Now You Buy!



Me say fack u slave lyf
I got ma influaencer

Influaencer say fack u to me Creepto say faaack you to mee

Me yowling, all of me is lost!
Where do me go?
What do me do?
Then me see the other mees in the cumment section.
So many of mees crying!!
Me say to me …
Open up comukitty, make all of me free!

Me in zone, smokin that good sheet!!
Halo forming prouduct cumin to me….

Me ready but what about the inflauecer who hurt all of

Me goes on tweeter and type …
U made Mees Cry…..
Now You Buy!

Mees join me, suprize suprize some Influaencer also like

2gether we take back the Creepto which belongs to all the

 Meme nd GIF for commukitty       
 Prototiepe of the Mubil Ape
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 SEX Listengs
 4k commukitty teligram  membars
 10k tweeter
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